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How To: Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

There’s a big difference between a good cup of tea and a bad cup of tea. Here are our favourite tips to ensure you get a great cup every time.

Temperature and Time

Temperature and time play a huge part in the perfect brew. Over-brewing can leave tea bitter with an unpleasant feel in your mouth but under-brew and the complexity of flavours won’t develop. Here are our guidelines* for timing and temperature:

Black Tea – 100 degrees, 2-4mins

Fruit & Herbal Tea – 100 degrees, 3 to 5 mins

Oolong Tea – 80 to 90 degrees, 3-5mins.

White & Green Tea – 80 degrees, 1-3 mins


The tea to cup ratio is important to consider. We recommend approximately 1 teaspoon per cup but always check the brewing instructions of each blend. Fruit teas may require 1.5 to 2 teaspoons per cup, as they are chunkier than normal tea leaves.

Brewing Tools

Having a few simple brewing tools can help the tea to infuse properly. The Gewürzhaus Infuser Bags are easy to use, single use bags made from high grade Japanese Tea Paper. Or try a Tea Infuser and when the appropriate strength / flavour has been reached, simply remove the tea / tisane from pot or cup and enjoy.

Quality of Tea

This seems obvious but how do you know if it’s a quality blend? If you’re able to, touch and smell the tea. Good quality tea should have a distinct scent and by sniffing the tea you should be able to get a beautiful aroma coming out from the dry tealeaves. Good quality tealeaves should be whole, smooth & not overly dried.

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*These are intended as a guideline only. Please follow this specific brewing instructions when these are provided.