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Whether in your backyard or the great outdoors, savour the fresh and elemental with BBQ Pepper Spice. Deceptively simple, this blend of clean, sharp spices celebrates the natural flavours of meat and fish. In 1952, a fully grown crocodile was cooked on a specially constructed 20-foot long barbecue after it had consumed a springbok. Strangest barbecue meal in history.

Use 1 tbsp of spice for 1 steak. Use ½ tbsp of spice for 1 large mushroom cap. Dry rub onto steak or your choice of meat, or mix with olive oil to form a marinade, coat meat and let the flavours infuse for as long as possible.
Black pepper, Australian coriander, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, chives, chilli, sea salt.
Product of Australia