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Fruity, hot, earthy and fragrant, Kangaroo Spice is best suited to rich game meats.

The intense, hardy flavours of Australian native herbs and spices used by Indigenous Australians is a perfect match for the full-bodied flavour of kangaroo. It can also boost the flavour of savoury baked goods like bread and pies, and is greatly enhanced when used with crushed garlic and tomato.

For medium-rare kangaroo steak, mix equal parts of spice and oil to coat the meat. Rest the steak in the fridge for 1 hr, then pan fry or barbecue on high for 3–5 min on each side. Rest for 5 min before cutting across the grain and serve with a fruit chutney.
Coriander, chilli, mustard seed, pepper, pumpkin, lemon myrtle, juniper berry, bush tomato, sea salt, onion, native thyme, aniseed myrtle, chives, garlic.