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Frankie Gusti X Gewürzhaus Gingerbread Candle

Fill your home with the delicious aroma of the Gewürzhaus x Frankie Gusti Gingerbread candle, made with love and Gingerbread Spice.

Australian made and designed, hand poured in the Yarra Valley

Exclusive to Gewürzhaus.


To get the most out of your FRANKIE GUSTI, follow these simple steps below and just show it a little love.

The first time you use your candle, burn it long enough for the wax to melt right to the edges of the glass. Depending on the size of the candle, this may vary from 1-3hrs. This creates what is known as “candle memory” and prevents tunnelling.

Before relighting your candle, ensure it has cooled and hardened completely. Always trim the end of your wick to 0.5-1cm before each use to prevent smoking and ensure a clean burn pool.

Always use common sense when burning a candle. Keep it out of reach of small hands and paws, do not attempt to move a candle whilst in use, always use on a flat surface, and never leave it unattended.

Burn in a draft-free area – a draft can result in an uneven burn and will reduce the life of your candle.

Do not burn for longer than 4hrs at a time. Your candle can not only become very hot, but prolonged burning can reduce your fragrance during future use.

Keep out of direct sunlight, as this prevents damage and discolouration to the wax.

If you are left with a black sooty substance at the rim of your vessel, wipe it away with a damp cloth and ensure you keep your wick trimmed.

Do not continue to burn a candle with less than 1cm of wax in the base.


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