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For over 20 years the Bison brand has been producing durable homewares that are both beautiful and practical. Founded in Canberra, inspired by Scandinavian design, the craftsmanship of Asian ceramics and the founder's study of archeological pottery; the result is a timeless aesthetic with simple lines and pure colours.    

All Bison ceramics are made from high quality stoneware. 

20.5cm x 8cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Exposing ceramics to rapid extreme temperature changes can reduce their life. If you warm your Bison ceramics in the oven, be careful that a sudden cold shock doesn’t cause them to crack. Avoid plunging an extremely hot item into cold conditions or vice versa. Gradual warming and cooling is best.
  • Repeated contact with hard edges might cause marking or chipping. We recommend not over-filling your dishwasher, so the product has enough room to move freely during the wash and not vibrate against each other.
  • All Bison glazes are lead-free and food-safe, but cracks can provide a haven for bacteria and using crazed or unglazed ceramics for food is not recommended.
  • Bison glazes are highly stain resistant. Stubborn marks can usually be removed with ceramic cooktop cleaner.