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Thurlby Herb Farm

Indigo Lemongrass Clothing Protector

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Freshen up your cupboards with Thurlby Clothing Protectors, featuring a varied print of leopard spots in pink, gold and navy colours. Hang this clothing protector in your cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects.

This herbal block will remain powerful for months, containing all natural, quality ingredients that subtly fragrance clothing. When the scent eventually starts to fade, you can renew it by removing the block from the bag and gently scraping the surface with the edge of a knife.

Handmade in Western Australia from locally grown and harvested botanicals.

12cm x 5cm x 2cm
Tucked away in the southern forests of Western Australia, Thurlby Herb Farm grows herbs and manufactures soap for exclusive handmade products.