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Fruits & Veggies Printed Dishcloth

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The Nawrap Dishcloth is made from quality 82% rayon and 18% cotton materials, and it becomes softer the more you use it.

Designed with a 6 layer construction, this dishcloth uses a unique Japanese process to ensure durability and strength is within every dishcloth.

It has 6 plies for extra absorbency and durability, and has a textured surface that allows for better cleaning while damp. This gorgeous fruit and vegetable print will add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

35cm x 40cm
Made in Japan, Nawrap uses natural materials to ensure its long lasting lifespan when cleaning in the kitchen. Natural materials such as rayon and cotton infused with quality binchotan charcoal and persimmon wood create exceptional anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties throughout the range, designed to keep your kitchen clean.