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Le Parfait

Pickling Jar 2.0litre

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With their wide mouths and signature orange rubber hermetic seals, these thick wire-hinged jars are ideal not only for pickling vegetables and storing more liquid items like soups, sauces, and jams, but also for storing bulk dry goods like beans, oatmeal, rice, etc. You can even use them for your fermentation projects.

In addition to being useful in your own home, Le Parfait jars are perfect vessels for gifting your homemade delicacies to friends and loved ones. Some people even use them as decor — for example, as flower vases. Made in France.  

  • Tempered glass (jar)
  • Zinc-coated steel wire (cage)
  • Dishwasher safe
Measurements: 122.3mm (maximum jar diameter excluding wire cage) x 251.6mm (height)
Capacity: 2.0litres (filling capacity) x 2.1litres (overflow capacity - brimful)
Dishwasher safe. However, we always recommend to wash items made of glass by hand in the interest of avoiding damage from items moving during a dishwasher cycle. Moreover, the wire cage and glass lid of Super jars can be disassembled for washing. When closing a clip top jar, ensure that the lid is centred in the opening and apply downward pressure before clipping down the lid. If the lid is uncentred while closing the jar, this may cause the wire cage to chip the rim of the jar opening.