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Medium Cast Iron and Swing Spice Mill

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Oak Wood
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This timeless cast iron spice mill is handmade by Skeppshult using ancient and traditional casting methods.

With its natural non-stick surface that improves with age, this special range of cast iron kitchen ware is made to last, year after year, from generation to generation. Every cast iron object is cast in a unique sand mould which is separated after cooling. This process makes every Skeppshult product unique.

  • Made by hand in Sweden with 25 years cast iron guaranteed
  • Pyramid shaped grinding surfaces in seasoned cast iron
  • Top part with compartment for spice; lid in oak with silicone seal with rounded bottom for comfort
  • Inside is seasoned with natural Swedish organic canola oil; outside is treated with a black lacquer surface to avoid staining
  • Please note that dry spices only should be used. Moist spices and salt can potentially cause corrosion on grinding surfaces.
  • Clean with a brush and keep grinder dry at all times. If some corrosion does occur, it can be cleaned off with a small brush and wiped out. This will not affect product quality.
Swedish born, Skeppshult began making cast iron cookware by hand from virgin iron ore in 1906. More than 100 years later they are still hand-pouring and hand-finishing every single product they make; a true testament to the level of craftsmanship Skeppshult brings to the table.