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BBQ Spice Rack

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Whether gas or electric, charcoal or wood, grill or Weber, we’ve got every Australian BBQ covered this summer with the BBQ Spice Rack.

The BBQ Spice Rack contains:
  • Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub 62g
  • BBQ Bloke’s Spice 53g
  • BBQ Glaze Spice 52g
  • Greek Grilling Spice 52g
  • Lamb Spice 68g
  • Spanish Skewer & BBQ Spice 58g
As well as presenting beautifully as a gift box option, the wooden boxes function as spice racks which can be mounted to a wall, sat on a shelf or bench, or stacked on top of each other.

Our Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub is popular for all meat lovers out there. For weekend entertaining, try the BBQ Bloke’s spice, suitable as a dry or wet marinade. Try making a sticky glaze, dipping sauce or delicious marinade with the BBQ Glaze Spice, perfect on ribs and anything else you want to BBQ. Magnificent on lamb and full of flavours of the sunny Mediterranean, the Greek Grilling Spice and Lamb Spice are wonderful choices for any cut of lamb. The Spanish Skewer & BBQ Spice will liven up your meat and vegetables with an amazing combination of smokey paprika and fennel.