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No-Churn Caramel & Hot Cross Bun Spiced Ice-Cream

Hot Cross Bun Spice

Medium Serves: 4-6 45 Mins + Cooling & Freezing


Ice cream:

3 cups heavy whipping cream

1 cup salted caramel (recipe below), or use Misty’s Salted Caramel

2 tbsp Gewurzhaus Hot Cross Bun Spice

1 egg white

Salted Caramel:

50g butter

1 1/4 cups brown sugar

3/4 cup cream

Gewürzhaus Tahitian Vanilla Salt, generous pinch

How to Cook


1. Whip egg white with an electric mixer to stiff peaks & set aside.
2. In a separate bowl, whip cream with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.
3. Fold in homemade salted caramel or Misty’s Salted Caramel & Hot Cross Bun Spice, then beat again until completely blended & well aerated. It’s important not to overbeat & to keep the mixture as light & fluffy as possible. 4. Carefully fold through the whipped egg white.
5. Pour into a plastic container & freeze for 5 hrs.

Salted Caramel:

1. Melt butter in a small saucepan over a gentle heat.
2. Add sugar & salt, stir until combined.
3. Add cream slowly & stir. 4. Cook over LOW heat for 5-10 mins until the mixture thickens slightly.
5. Turn off heat & cool completely.

Serve with Plum Compote, Hot Cross Bun Cookie shards & extra salted caramel

Recipe Recipe