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Dukkah Crusted Falafel Pita

Smoky Almond Dukkah

Medium Serves: 4 50 Mins


250g dried chickpeas (soaked in water overnight) or 500g tinned chickpeas

2 pieces of bread or 1/2 cup of flour*

1 tsp Gewürzhaus Cumin, ground

1 tsp Gewürzhaus Aleppo Pepper

1 clove of garlic

1/2 bunch of parsley

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

6-7 tbsp Gewürzhaus Smoky Almond Dukkah

1 1/2 cups rice bran oil

3 tomatoes, diced

1 Lebanese cucumber, diced

1/2 cup mint, chopped

1/2 cup parsley, chopped

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt & pepper to taste

4 pita bread

Hummus (see our recipe to make your own)

Lemons to serve

*GF bread/flour can be used

How to Cook

1. If using bread, run under cold water for a few seconds just enough to dampen.

2. Place the drained chickpeas, dampened bread or flour, parsley, garlic, spices, salt & 2 tbsp olive oil into a blender. Blend until a smooth paste forms, add a little water if the mixture is too dry & crumbly.

3. To roll your falafel, have a bowl of water near to keep your hands wet. Take approx. 1 heaped tablespoon of falafel mix in your hands & roll into balls. Then roll in the Smoky Almond Dukkah & set aside.

4. Heat the rice bran oil in a saucepan over Med – HI heat, shallow fry the falafel until golden & crunchy, keep batches in a warm oven until ready to serve, or oven bake at 220°C until golden brown for approx. 30 mins.

5. To make the salad, place the tomatoes, cucumber, herbs into a bowl & dress with lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt & pepper just before serving.

6. To serve, gently warm your pita bread in the oven at 180°C for 3 mins until soft but not crunchy.

7. Cut your pita in half & fill with hummus, falafel & top with salad. Drizzle with olive oil & a squeeze of lemon juice.

Recipe Recipe