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Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte Spice

Easy Serves: 1 5 Mins


1 tsp Gewürzhaus Turmeric Latte Spice

1 tbsp water

1 cup your favourite milk*

1 tsp honey (optional)

Gewürzhaus Cinnamon, ground (to decorate)

How to Cook

If using a stovetop:

In a small saucepan over low-medium heat, mix water and spice into a fragrant paste.

Add milk and, once warmed, whisk through to froth.

Sweeten with honey if desired, pour into your favourite mug and decorate with cinnamon.

If using a coffee machine:

Get a professional-looking latte by frothing your milk with the steaming wand of your home coffee machine. Stir spice and water together in your teacup, add a little extra hot milk or water until spice paste is thin. Pour in silky frothed milk and practice your latte art!

A Note About Milks: We suggest coconut milk, not canned, particularly for the stovetop method. Drinking coconut milk is available in health food stores, or in the milk alternative section of your local supermarket. If using thinner milks, such as oat milk or almond milk, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the paste to help the suspension of spice through the milk.

Variation: To make vegan and low FODMAP, you can substitute the honey for an alternative sweetener such as maple syrup. Use lactose-free milk or almond milk for a low FODMAP option.

Recipe Recipe