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Mace Blade (Ground)

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Mace blade is the lacy dried covering that is derived from the nutmeg seed. The mace is peeled off and dried, revealing a yellowish-reddish colour. Mace features prominently in Asian, Caribbean, Indian and Moroccan cuisines.

Like nutmeg, mace blade is often best used with baked goods. With a more delicate flavour than nutmeg, it tastes sweet, spicy, woody and warm.

Also known as: Blade Mace, Jaffatry.

Use sparingly, about ¼ tsp, to bridge savoury and sweet flavours in desserts like doughnuts, vegetable tarts, and pies like pumpkin pie. Try also in savoury recipes such as steamed fish and vegetables, soups and meaty stews, and sauces.
Myristica fragrens (Mace)
Product of Malaysia