Dill: a Must-Have Pantry Staple

18 October 2022

How many times have you purchased a bunch of dill for one recipe, used a small portion and regretfully watched it wilt overnight in your fridge? You’re not alone. Which is why we range our vibrantly green, flavoursome dried Dill Leaf, a much more shelf-stable option that you can reach for whenever inspiration strikes and keep kitchen waste to a minimum.

Dill leaf used in cooking

Grassy and slightly anise-like in flavour, dill is a popular staple in Eastern European and Nordic cooking. It is particularly suited to livening up creamy ingredients such as mayonnaise, yoghurt and eggs, and brings a refreshing herbaceousness to potato salad, borscht, gravlax (or cured salmon/trout) and dips such as tzatziki or hummus. Dill pairs perfectly with fresh, crisp green vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, peas and beans. Vinaigrettes also benefit from the addition of dill leaf, and vinegar-based pickling liquids gain extra depth from the addition of Dill Seed.

Dill can be used for fish stews

Although it is a prominent herb used for adding a fresh brightness in the warmer months, dill also works wonders when added to wintery soups, stews and braises, contributing a subtle yet fragrant complexity which helps to balance the richness. Add dill seeds to slow-cooked lamb, seafood or potato stew, or fold dried dill leaf into sour cream and dollop onto a comforting leek and potato soup.


Baghali pollo (Persian dill rice)

Middle Eastern cuisines also feature dried dill in a variety of applications, and we are pleased to share with you a family recipe from a Gewürzhaus Spice Merchant, Atafeh. One of Atafeh’s staple dishes is Baghali Pollo (Persian Dill Rice), which we encourage you to try at home. This fragrant and fluffy rice dish pairs dill and saffron with plump soft broad beans, all topped with a delightful crunchy golden crust. It is a treat to eat on its own but is perfect when served alongside slow-cooked dishes such as Persian Lamb Shanks, where it will soak up the flavours from the braising sauce.

Baghali pollo (Persian dill rice) with lamb shanks

So next time you come across a recipe that calls for fresh dill, or if you’re looking to add a verdant freshness to your cooking, rest assured that you can avoid the waste and frustration of fast-wilting fresh dill by ensuring you have a stockpile of dried dill as a substitute. Happy cooking!

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