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Also known as Chile Mosquito, this small yet hot Mexican varietal is a domesticated relative to the Tepin Chilli. We use this chilli in our English Pickling Spice, but it is also good for giving heat and flavour to vinegars, salsas and sauces. With a smoky, nutty and citrus-like taste, its perfect shape is also pleasing to the eye. Heat level: 9/10

To make chilli powder, dry roast whole chillies in a hot pan until fragrant and grind. To make a paste, roast, then rehydrate the chillies in hot water for 20 min and blitz with oil and vinegar. The sauces and pastes which accompany Mexican dishes often consist of a good variety of chillies, so mix and match to your taste and heat preference.
Capsicum annuum (Pequin Chilli)
Product of Mexico