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Curry Starter Spice Kit

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The Curry Starter Spice Kit will help any cook feel more at home with spices (not just spicy cooking).

Add South-Asian flavour to your family table with the addition of the Garam Masala or a traditional Red Curry. The classic 30-minute Butter Chicken will quickly become a family favourite with the Quick Butter Chicken Blend. Try the addictive Sri Lankan chicken or beetroot curry with the Sri Lankan Curry Blend, or season a Keralan fish curry with the South Indian Seafood Masala.

This Spice Kit includes:
  • Quick Butter Chicken Blend 46g
  • South Indian Seafood Masala 62g
  • Garam Masala 55g
  • Sri Lankan Curry Blend 52g
  • Chilli Kashmiri 58g
  • Red Curry Blend 44g
Plus, a Gewürzhaus large produce bag and a recipe card to help you use your spices.