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Classic Measuring Jug 0.5L Natural Medium Green

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Riess Classic Measuring Jug 0.5L is suitable for heating liquids on the stove at low heat, such as milk for yeast dough, water for broth, or for risotto.

Use the measurement markings inside to figure out the volume: black on white which makes it easy to read, making measuring out ingredients for cooking and baking easy. The measuring jug has a convenient handle on the side as well as spout which allows the liquids to be poured out easily. The rim is curved - known as a rolled rim in enamel terms - and is created by bending the metal during the manufacturing process to form a rounded and stable rim. Use it to easily pour out your liquid without having to use a ladle.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Scratch resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Easy-to-read, 2-part scale in centilitres and 1/8 litres (or � litres)
  • Universal hotplate suitability: induction, glass ceramic, electric and gas stove
  • Enamel prevents bacteria growth and resistant to fruit acid
  • Suitable for people with nickel allergies
  • Made from enamel crockery with flange or stainless pouring rim
Riess Enamel Classics were developed between 1920 and 1960. They represent lasting values in form and color and are cult objects far beyond Austria's borders. They are and will remain the centerpiece of the Riess product range. The Classic White series by Riess is characterised by its brilliant white and therefore fits into every kitchen.