Classic Omelette Pan 20cm Natural Dark Green

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Classic Omelette Pan 20cm Natural Dark Green - Gewürzhaus
Classic Omelette Pan 20cm Natural Dark Green
Classic Omelette Pan 20cm Natural Dark Green

Omelettes, scrambled eggs and fried eggs - Riess Classic Omelette Pan is perfect for these egg dishes and many more! It's just the right size for omelettes.

The iron core of the enamel distributes the heat quickly and optimally across the bottom of the pan, meaning the heat can also be reduced quickly when needed. When the eggs have finished cooking, you can also divide them up in the pan, as the enamel is scratch and cut resistant. At the end of the handle, the hole can be used to hang the pan up, making for a beautiful kitchen decoration, always within arms reach.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Scratch resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Universal hotplate suitability: induction, glass ceramic, electric and gas stove
  • Enamel prevents bacteria growth and resistant to fruit acid
  • Suitable for people with nickel allergies
  • Made from enamel crockery with flange or stainless pouring rim
  • Size: 20cm

Care instructions

  • Never place the heated enamel cookware in cold water. Cracks can occur due to the temperature shock, therefore always leave the cookware to cool down a bit before cleaning it.
  • Dishwasher cleaning
  • Remove food residues and rinse with warm water before placing the pan in the dishwasher on delicate cycle.

Manual cleaning

  • After cooking, remove food from the pan and fill the cookware with water whilst still warm. This way, the softened food residues can be removed effortlessly.
  • Burnt food residues can be cleaned by briefly boiling some water in the pan along with dishwashing soap, then gently scrub with the smooth side of a cleaning sponge or soft brush.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that are too hard, such as wire brushes, steel wool, scouring agents containing sand, and cleaning sponges with ceramic particles as they can scratch the enamel surface.
  • The cookware is still safe to use even if the surface is scratched. Darker marks caused by stainless steel cutlery can be removed effortlessly with a mild scouring cream.

Correct storage

  • Dry the enamel cookware well before storing it away. Marks caused by hard water can be removed with vinegar water.
  • Riess pans do not have a non-stick coating and food will slightly stick. That's the old-fashioned way of baking. 
  • To avoid eggs from sticking too much, begin by adding oil or butter to the pan and turn the heat on high to temper the cooking surface. Then, add the egg(s) and turn the heat to low right away.
  • When cooking on induction please note that the temperature rises faster than with other heating options.
  • Never heat enamel pans without contents (water, oil, butter) and make sure that the liquid never completely evaporates. This can lead to overheating and damage to your pan. 
  • When cooking on induction please note that the temperature rises faster than with other heating options.
  • The highest recommended temperature for cooking and frying is 220 °C.
  • Cook with less heat than usual as enamel conducts heat quickly into bottom and sides. 
  • Always use a dry cloth to grab handles and lids. The core becomes hot quickly because it is made of iron. This makes it safe for oven use.
Since 1922, Riess has specialised in manufacturing the highest quality enamelware in Austria. Riess is odour neutral, nickel free and suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction. The unique firing process of the enamel gives the pieces their scratch, cut-resistant and easy to clean surface.
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