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Sichuan Pepper (Whole)

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Sichuan pepper, also known as Szechuan pepper or Chinese pepper, is commonly used in Chinese, Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. Native to Southwest China, the dried, burst seeds of the prickly ash tree have a peppery citrus aroma.

While it is not pungent or hot, it has slight lemony characteristics and leaves a tingling aftertaste. Milder than ordinary pepper, Sichuan pepper tastes great added to roast pork and duck, fried chicken or fatty game meats. It can also be used in a peppercorn medley for your grinder.

Try grinding with salt and sprinkling on hot chips. The floral notes of Sichuan pepper also suit fruit like pineapple or orange. Try sparingly in desserts; balance cool and numbing sensations in a unique ice cream or cocktail.
Zanthoxylum piperitum (Sichuan Pepper).
Product of China