Tea, to us, is a moment to pause, to savour, and to connect. It's a cosy ritual where making a great cup becomes a gesture of self-care or a conduit for fostering deeper connections with others. We invite you to experience a moment of relaxation and nurturing with our newest release, Quiet Time Tea. This soothing, caffeine-free tea invites you to slow down from the usual pace of life and ground your mind and senses. Lemon verbena opens the palate, followed by the sweetness of apple and the warmth of cinnamon, cloves and fennel for a delicious and comforting cuppa. Whether you indulge in it solo or share it with loved ones, we hope each sip reminds you of the importance of embracing stillness in a world that's constantly in motion.

Introducing the newest addition to our tea range

Quiet Moments at Home