All About Gochugaru

26 July 2022

If you have ever enjoyed Korean food, it’s likely that you’ve tasted gochugaru chilli before. An absolute staple of the Korean kitchen, it provides an extra kick to kimchi, bulgogi (Korean BBQ) marinade, classic stews and side dishes like fried pancakes and pickles. 

Spiced Cucumber Salad


The gochu (red chillies) in gochugaru are traditionally sun-dried before being pulped and milled into varying grades – from flakes to a fine powder, which all have their own purpose depending on the dish. Gochugaru can also range in levels of heat, from mild to hot. Gewürzhaus Gochugaru Blend offers medium heat and is ground to a course powder, perfect for use in a variety of dishes to achieve a pleasant chilli kick that coats the mouth without making you sweat. 

Gochugaru chilli differs from other chillies in its unique flavour. It is more complex than other red pepper flakes and powders. With a slight pungency and smoky sweetness, gochugaru chilli is a fantastic option for use in any cuisine that calls for cayenne pepper or red chilli powder. You will find that it lends an extra flavour boost those other options cannot achieve. 

If you’re wondering whether gochugaru has anything to do with that other Korean staple, gochujang, you’d be right. Finely milled gochugaru chilli powder is a key ingredient in gochujang – a thick and sticky, sweet and salty Korean chilli paste that is used heavily in Korean cuisine. As well as gochugaru chilli, gochujang incorporates glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt and is usually mild on the heat scale.  

 Korean Fried Chicken

Have you been wanting to try your hand at making Korean food at home but don’t know where to start? Ease your way in with our Korean Gochugaru Blend, an aromatic combination of gochugaru chilli, garlic, mustard seed, sesame seed and ginger. You can find recipes for Korean Fried Chicken with Gochugaru Glaze, Korean BBQ Beef, Kimchi and more here 



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