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Classic Baking Pan 33x20cm

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Light Grey
Pastel Blue

The Riess Classic Baking Pan can be used to cook and bake anything that you want. Its classic and stylish design make it the perfect dish to serve at the table directly afterwards.

With two enamelled handles for easy handling, the Classic Baking Pan can handle temperatures up to 220°C and is suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction. Sprayed with four coats of glass enamel for an ultra-tough, easy to clean surface.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Scratch resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Heat-resistant up to 220C
  • Universal hotplate suitability: induction, glass ceramic, electric and gas stove, and roasting
  • Enamel prevents bacteria growth, is flavour-neutral and resistant to fruit acid
  • Suitable for people with nickel allergies
  • Crafted from a single piece of steel
32.5cm x 20cm; Exterior dimensions (with handle): 40.5cm x 20.6cm Interior dimensions: 29cm x 16.5cm
Since 1922, Riess has specialised in manufacturing the highest quality enamelware in Austria. Riess is odour neutral, nickel free and suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction. The unique firing process of the enamel gives the pieces their scratch, cut-resistant and easy to clean surface.