Discover “A Place to Gather” – The Artwork That Inspired Our 2022 Christmas Gift Packs

28 October 2022

At Gewürzhaus we embrace creativity and love being inspired by art in all its forms and flavours, both in the kitchen and outside the kitchen. For this reason, we’re delighted to share with you a little more about the artwork that inspired our Christmas collection and the artist behind it - Amy Clarke. 

Amy is an Australian artist whose work we feel perfectly captures our ethos. Seven of our Christmas packs feature “A Place To Gather”, a painting inspired by Australia’s natural surroundings and the sharing of family moments around the table, all beautifully expressed in her signature vibrant and bold colours. 

What’s your inspiration behind “A Place To Gather”? 

‘A Place To Gather’ makes me think about the many trips our family has taken to visit friends in the bush. I have loved showing my children some of the places I have lived and spent time in. Country people are so hospitable and there’s usually a raucous picnic on the riverbank with plenty of good food and wine. These gatherings are about being in nature, connection, and joy, and I think that is reflected in the palette of this work. 


What inspires your art? 

My paintings are closely connected to the landscape. My earliest connection with the natural world was through childhood play. Growing up in the bush in the 1970s did not involve toys. The only toys I recall were a Tonka truck (which I loved!), some Lego and a neglected Barbie doll. I felt in no way deprived. We filled our days playing in the dirt. My paintings are tapping into those feelings and memories. In recent years my work has become increasingly abstract, but to me the landscape is still there. It is my belief that the directness of this simple childhood and our daily engagement with nature laid the foundations of me being an artist. We were always making. To me painting is part play. I have access to some incredible National Parks near to where I live including Moreton Island and Double Island Point and they provide the perfect space for creativity and new thoughts. I have also completed two residencies at The Corridor Project at Riverslea Station Woolshed which is on the banks of the Lachlan River near Cowra NSW. The stunning landscape provides a stark contrast to the coastal environment where I now live, and I find it incredibly stimulating. I tend to work quickly and without a plan. It’s an intuitive process that grapples with colour, movement, and form. A painting is complete to me when it can balance these things to create a feeling”. 

I love the process… how different paints and mediums work and creating movement with brush strokes. 

Is this your first time collaborating with a commercial business like us?

This is the first time I have collaborated in this way. I am honoured that Gewürzhaus chose my artwork for their packaging. 

What is your impression of Gewürzhaus and the partnership?

The brand felt to be aligned with my values. They are authentic – the ‘real deal’ you could say. I love the quality and simplicity of their products and the fact that they are about inspiring people to cook at home.  It has been a pleasure to work with Gewürzhaus. From the start I felt I was dealing with a business that had integrity and it has remained that way. 



Amy Clarke is an artist based in Queensland. Her work can be found in collections around Australia including the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. 

Amy has exhibited around the country in solo and group shows including Michael Reid Northern Beaches, AK Bellinger Gallery, Walcha Gallery of Art, Depot Gallery in Sydney, Noosa Regional Gallery, University of Sunshine Coast Art Gallery and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. She received a Commended in the Norvill Prize (2011/2012) and was a finalist in the Lethbridge 10 000 Art Prize (2013) and Redland Art Prize (2012). 

See more of Amy's work here - 

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