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How To: Make the Best Hot Chocolate

The German word Gemütlichkeit is used to convey the idea of warmth and cosiness, friendliness, good cheer and a sense of belonging. When we set out to create the Gewürzhaus Feel Good Hot Chocolate, we had Gemütlichkeitin mind: that mug-hugging, warm, safe, cosy feeling you get with every sip.

Here are our top tips to making the best hot chocolate. We hope it brings you Gemütlichkeit.

What's in Feel Good Hot Chocolate?

We've crafted Feel Good Hot Chocolate from a balanced blend of just 6 all natural ingredients:

  • Pure double Dutch cocoafor a smooth chocolate flavour.
  • Australian wattleseed, which is a star in the native spice industry. Its chocolate coffee hazelnut tones give a toastiness to the brew.
  • The ancient superfood açaí berry, which is rich in antioxidants. The acai berry provides deep berry notes to compliment the chocolate.
  • And then Victorian sea salt, unrefined low GI coconut sugar and Dutch cinnamon (or, cassia) are added to round out the chocolatey goodness.

How to make the best hot chocolate

If you have a milk steamer or coffee machine with a steam wand, this can give great texture to the hot milk by adding air to create a thick, creamy foam.

The wattle seeds in the blend add a complexity to the hot chocolate flavour and texture. They will not dissolve but can be strained out if a smoother drink is preferred.

Bring the milk to a simmer and then remove from heat immediately. Don't let the milk boil as this will scald the milk and change its consistency.

For a dairy free option, use your favourite milk alternative. Almond milk and coconut milk work well.

Recipes and variations

Add chilli, cinnamon or liqueur to create an extra special twist or try our version of an Affogato.

Or try some of our favourites:

  • Add a shot of coffee for a mocha
  • For chocolate porridge just add one tablespoon per serve to oats and milk at the beginning of cooking porridge for a delicious start to the day
  • Try an iced version - simply add the milk, omitting the heating step, whisk and serve cold over ice or ice cream.
  • Spice it up by adding a pinch of your favourite sweet spice. We love Raj's Majestic Chai Masala or some grated tonka bean added to the chocolate mix. Cardamom or nutmeg also work well with chocolate.
  • Add a teaspoon of nut butter to give it a nutty chocolaty twist - almond, cashew, ABC or even good old peanut butter work perfectly with this.
  • For decadence, add a spoon of Misty's Salted Caramel
  • A pinch of Tahitian Vanilla Salt can be added to accentuate the chocolate tones and create a salty chocolate hit.

We hope it brings you Gemütlichkeit,that mug-hugging, warm, safe, cosy feeling you get with every sip.

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