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Cayenne Pepper (Powder)

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Cayenne pepper, contrary to its name, has nothing to do with pepper: it’s a blend of hot chillies selected to provide a balance of heat. Use instead of chilli powder or even pepper. Great in scrambled eggs, frittatas and quiche. Heat level: 8/10 Also known as: Aleva, bird pepper, cow horn, guinea spice, hot chilli powder

To make chilli oil, combine in a bowl 2 tbsp of ground chilli and 2 tbsp of peanut oil. In a small saucepan, heat 2–4 tbsp of peanut oil until hot enough to brown a breadcrumb. Pour the hot oil into the chilli mixture and allow to cool down before straining (optional) and storing in a sterilised jar. For an even more aromatic oil, combine at the start with Sichuan pepper, star anise and garlic clove.
Capsicum frutescens (Cayenne Pepper)
Product of India