How To: Use Our Different Chocolate Spices

25 January 2024

Ah, chocolate. Enjoyed as a hot drink, scoop of ice cream, chocolate bar, slice of cake or cookie - I think we can all agree that chocolate is loved the world over. For many of us, chocolate is associated with tradition and festive celebration, or connected to nostalgic childhood memories.  

Cacao has been consumed in one form or another for hundreds of years. The seeds of the cacao tree are very bitter, and need to be fermented to develop the wonderful flavour that we associate with chocolate today. Cacao is a fantastic ingredient to play with in the kitchen, prized for its rich flavour that pairs well with creamy desserts like chocolate mousse or truffles, and baked goods like fudgy brownies or chocolate chip cookies. A touch of cacao can also go a long way in adding an unparalleled depth of flavour and complexity to savoury dishes like slow-cooked ribs or chilli con carne.  

One thing is for sure - here at Gewürzhaus, we love all things chocolate. Explore our range of chocolate spices and recipe ideas below.  
Double Dutch Cocoa Powder
Cocoa powder is made from fermented, dried and roasted cacao beans. The beans are cracked into nibs, ground into a paste, separated from the rich butter component and then ground again into a fine powder. Our cocoa powder has gone through a ‘Dutch process’ that neutralises cocoa’s natural acidity - resulting in a smooth, earthy flavour profile that lends itself well to baking, hot chocolate and ice cream. Feeling nostalgic? Try our Chocolate Crinkle Sprinkle Cookies 

Feel Good Hot Chocolate 
Our Feel Good Hot Chocolate is a mellow blend of double Dutch cocoa, toasted native wattleseed, acai berry, local sea salt, cassia (Dutch cinnamon) and coconut sugar. The result is something very special indeed… Earthy and nutty, with a hint of fruity sweetness. To create a simple hot chocolate at home combine equal parts Feel Good Hot Chocolate and boiling water to make a paste, then whisk in your hot milk of choice. Feeling fancy? Try our Hot Chocolate Affogato.   
Mayan Chilli Chocolate  
If you’re a fan of chilli and yet to try it paired with cocoa, do as the Mayans once did and infuse your chocolate with a spicy kick. Our Mayan Chilli Chocolate Spice is crafted from double Dutch cocoa, ground chilli, cassia (Dutch cinnamon) and cayenne pepper. It’s spicy, warming and a little bit sure does go a long way! Delicious in sweet dishes, it also has a place in savoury foods such as mole sauce. Feeling adventurous? Try our simple no-bake Chocolate Chilli Tart 
Chocolate Spice 
Our beloved Chocolate Spice is a warming, fragrant blend that’s perfect in desserts, baked goods and hot chocolate. Double Dutch cocoa provides the body, while woody spices like nutmeg and clove complement naturally sweet cassia (Dutch cinnamon) and spicy ginger. In recipes that call for cocoa, substitute some of the amount with our Chocolate Spice. You won’t be disappointed. Feeling festive? Try our Marmorkuchen (Chocolate Marble Cake). 

Melbourne Coffee Meat Rub

A truly unique spice rub crafted from rescued coffee beans, activated charcoal, smoky chipotle chilli, and yes - cocoa. Our MCMR is perfect on anything destined for the BBQ (including homemade burgers), and adds an incredible depth of flavour to slow-cooked brisket or ribs. It might just be your new secret weapon. Feeling bold? Try our Maple and Bourbon Beef Ribs.

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